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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & Conditions 

Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd Terms and Conditions:


This contract is for the hire of a hot tub with a gazebo and any accessories, as signed for on the proof of delivery documentation between Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd, “the company”, and the signatory of this contract, “the hirer”.

Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd, company registered number SC705610, trading out of 17 Alder Walk, East Calder, EH53 0FF, specialises in the short-term private hire of hot tubs and supporting equipment in the City of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire area.  Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd can be contacted on 07899 316362, or emailed at



  1. The Company provides the equipment for hire and does not provide either water or power for the equipment. By proceeding you agree to these terms and conditions. We may amend these terms from time-to-time to take account of costs which require to be reflected in the fees. You should review the terms and conditions before each time you submit an order to hire equipment.

  2. The hirer must be an occupant of the property where the hired equipment is to be located, unless explicitly agreed in writing with the company in advance. Please note that we will require proof of identity and address (photo drivers licence, utility bill or similar). The hirer must also be at least 18 years of age.

  3. The contract commences when the hirer receives booking confirmation, through email, upon Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd’s receival of a booking deposit. To make a booking, the hirer must fill out a booking request on the company’s website , the company will then approve the request and enable the hire to be secured through a booking deposit of £50.00. The company reserves the right to refuse any booking requests at their discretion.

  4. The hirer has the option to choose from one of two “packages”, the equipment rented in each package can be found on our FAQ page. The hirer can opt to upgrade their package at any point prior to the hire by contacting the company.

  5. Bliss Hot Tub Hire is responsible for providing, setting up and taking down of the equipment. The hirer must maintain the equipment as they have been shown to do during the safety briefing. The hirer must also provide the power and water for the hot tub and additional equipment. The images on the companies website are for illustrative purposes only and products shown may not exactly match what is provided on the day.

  6. For weekend hires, the installation will occur on a Thursday and will be collected on the Sunday. For week-long hires, the installation will occur on a Sunday and will be collected the following Sunday. If alternative dates are desired, please contact the company and we will do our best to accommodate, subject to availability. Please note, that these timeframes include at least one night for the hot tub to heat up, subject to weather conditions, before it is in a usable condition. The company will contact the hirer before the hire start date to arrange a time that suits both parties for the installation of the equipment.

  7. All company equipment must be ready for removal by company staff no later than midday on the hire end date previously agreed, unless an alternative time has been agreed by both parties prior to the hire.

  8. If for any reason the equipment is not made available to the company on the date of collection, then a flat fee of £75.00 per day will be charged to the hirer for every day at midday thereafter the agreed hire end date. In the case that the hirer wishes to extend the hire period, they must contact the company and a daily rate can potentially be agreed, subject to booking availability at the company’s discretion.

  9. During the hire period the hirer must grant company staff access to the site where the hot tub is located for the purpose of any inspections, repairs or removal of the company’s equipment at any reasonable time, if fair notice has been provided.

  10. The hirer must not move or reposition the hot tub, shelter or other equipment for any reason without prior express permission from the company.

  11. A £50.00 booking deposit will be required from the hirer. If the booking is cancelled by the hirer for any reason, this deposit will not be refunded unless cancelled more than 14 days prior to the hire start date. If the agreed site for hire is found upon arrival at the address to not meet company site requirements (stated on our Hire FAQ web page) then this will be treated as prevention of delivery and delivery will be cancelled and the booking deposit will not be returned. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the start of the hire sacrifice the full balance of the hire. 

  12. If for any reason beyond the company’s control they are not able to provide the hot tub, then all money (including booking deposit) will be refunded to the hirer, unless both parties are able to agree on an alternative hire date.

  13. The full balance of the hire fee must be paid a minimum of one banking day prior to the hire start date, by cleared funds.

  14. Alternatively, the remaining balance can be paid with cash on delivery, if agreed before. If full payment is not made within the above stated time frame, the company reserves the right to cancel the hire agreement and the hirer will lose the booking deposit. However, a secondary delivery date may be arranged after full payment is received, at the company’s discretion. In this case, both the rental fee and end date of hire will remain the same, as previously agreed. If the previously agreed cash payment is not available on arrival of the company staff, then this will be classed as prevention of delivery as previously stated in clause 3 above.

  15. After a booking request has been made and accepted by the company, the hirer will have the option to either pay the booking deposit (£50.00) or the full hire fee on our website. If the booking deposit option is selected, the hirer will be invoiced for the remaining balance, which should be bank transferred a minimum of one banking day prior to the hire start date. Alternatively the hirer can request to pay the remaining hire fee in cash upon delivery by contacting the company via email. All prices can be found clearly stated on our website.

  16. All items that are supplied remain the property of Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd, including (but not limited to) unused chemicals and documentation, and must be available for collection at the end of the hire period.

  17. The hirer takes sole responsibility for the full costs of any repairs, or replacement with the same or equivalent value of any items or parts of the equipment that are lost or damaged through misuse, accident or theft during the hire period, plus an appropriate administration charge.

  18. Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd will not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or death caused by misuse, or other negligence of the hirer, of the hot tub equipment or chemicals supplied or allergic reaction to any water treatment chemicals. This includes but is not limited to falling in or out of the hot tub, slipping on wet surfaces, alcohol combined with the use of the hot tub or electric shock caused by damage to or interference with any part of the electrical installation. The hirer must sign a safety disclaimer and proof of delivery contract upon delivery, for the hire to go ahead. Note that any breach of the safety disclaimer will be grounds for Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd to terminate the contract and/or claim damages for any destroyed/damaged equipment. The Company does not exclude or waive liability where death or personal injury is caused by the negligence of the Company or anyone for whom it is vicariously liable

  19. The company will not be responsible for any damage to property or injury during the delivery and set-up or collection of the hired hot tub/ equipment, unless staff have been shown to be negligent. Any water or chemical damage to property or plants at the selected location will not be the responsibility of the company, as well as any damage caused by a major spillage or loss of water resulting from a malfunction or failure of the hot tub plumbing. Please be aware that during hot tub usage, chemically treated water will likely splash over the sides.

  20. The hirer must not use any of the company's equipment for rehire.

  21. If any of the terms or conditions are broken then the company reserves the right to cancel and collect the equipment at any reasonable time with fair notice without a refund.

  22. A delay in the Company exercising any of its rights under the contract does not result in a waiver of those rights.

  23. The company reserves the right to offer a reduced package if deemed that offering the full package is unsafe due to severe weather conditions. This can consist of removing the sides of the gazebo or removing the gazebo completely.

  24. If any particular clause is found to be unenforceable or illegal, then only that clause is deleted or amended to the extent necessary to make the rest of the contract enforceable.

  25. The governing law that Bliss Hot Tub Hire Ltd is compliant with is Scots Law.

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