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Lay-Z-Spa Error Codes and Solutions


Sensor or Water Flow Error.  This can happen if the sensor is in the incorrect position.  It can also be a result of an electrical fault.  The simple solution is to disconnect the pump from the mains.  Whilst off, gently hit the side of the pump with the pump in the upright position to reposition the sensor flags.  Don't bash it!!  Reconnect to the mains and make sure that it is plugged directly into the mains as extension leads often cannot cope with the high draw of the pump.


Water Flow Error.  This Lay-Z-Spa pump error is quite common.  It is the result of back pressure on the pump unit because of a restriction in water flow.  Ordinarily it means that the filter is dirty and needs cleaning or replacing.  It can also be caused by excess debris clogging the screens on the tub piping.  These can be removed with large pliers, but extreme care needs to be taken to not damage the tub.  Also they can be reverse flushed by removing the filter, capping the tubes and removing the pump.  Then remove each cap in turn allowing water from the tub to flow out, then recapping and reinstalling the air jet pump.  This error will also come up if you try to run the pump without sufficient water or if you forget to remove the caps from the tubes.



Low Ambient Temperature Error.  The Lazyspa Air Jet Pump is designed to run in temperatures in excess of 4ºC.  If it is too cold, the pump will not operate.  Bring the pump indoors to warm up. This Layzspa error usually occurs when setting up the hot tub in cold weather.  Once you begin running the air jets to inflate the hot tub and lid, the pump will warm up enough to continue to operate.


Pump Overheating.  This lazyspa error code occurs when the pump is running "hot", or thinks that it is running hot.  As a safety precaution, the pump will not operate if the water temperature is over 40ºC or it thinks that it is over this temperature. Disconnect the pump and make sure it's in the shade and has a chance to cool down.  Also make sure the water is not too hot.  When restarting the pump, we recommend a full Thermal Reset.  You can go through the procedure first before disconnecting the pump as this often solves the problem because "thermal drift" of the thermostat can occur when the pump is in direct sunlight and the reset procedure solves the problem. 



Temperature too high error.  Perform an full Thermal Reset.  This error code can also occur when the pump is dirty.  Place the caps on the pipes and remove the pump.  Take a hose and run water through the upper pump pipe so that the water comes out the bottom pipe.  This reverse flushes the pump and cleans out any debris that may be interfering with the correct operation of the pump.  Also, this Bestway error code can occur if the pump is plugged in to an extension lead.  Make sure the Lay-Z-Spa Air Jet pump is plugged directly into the mains.


General Alarm error.  This air jet error code is rare but is usually caused by a problem with the power supply to the pump.  There may have been a dip or spike in the voltage from your suppler or a supply interruption.  Unplug the pump, let is stand for a few minutes and plug it back in and restart.  Also ensure that it is plugged directly into the mains and NOT an extension lead.  If this does not solve the problem, the pump may well be faulty and you should get in touch with us immediately.


There is no known cause for this error code.  It can sometimes be cleared by going through the above mentioned procedures.  Ensure the pump is correctly plugged into the mains.  Perform a reverse flush of the pump, a full thermal reset and restart.  If this does not clear the air jet pump error code, please get in touch with us immediately.


Thermal Reset Error.  Perform a full Thermal Reset.  See the video for details here.


Internal fuse failure error code.   Turn off the pump.  Turn off the switch at the mains socket and remove the plug from the mains.  On the RCD, press reset, test, reset.  Plug the pump back in.  Again press reset, test, reset on the RCD unit.  Make sure you hold your finger over the power button on the pump for at least 10 seconds when restarting the pump.


Water leakage alarm.  If everything externally is dry and correctly installed, the pump has an internal water leak.  This needs to be handled by Bestway as the pump is faulty and not serviceable by an operator.  Do NOT use the pump and get in touch with us immediately.


Internal communication error code.  If you get this error code, the pump has an internal fault and needs to be handled by Bestway.


Grounding/Earthing fault.  This indicates a problem with you mains supply.  Also can occur if you are using an extension lead.  If you are plugging directly into the mains and get this code, you should get in touch with us immediately.  If this persists, then there is an internal fault with the pump and we will need to contact Bestway.

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